• 1949
  • Agfa paper
  • Photography
  • Inv. FP247

Fernando Lemos

Arpad Szenes e Maria Helena Vieira da Silva [Arpad Szenes and Maria Helena Vieira da Silva]

‘It’s quite mysterious. Our life has been wonderful life. Everyone is amazed! Two painters who love each other and live a whole life together! […] Arpad is the only person in the world who sees me inside out. Only he knows me completely.’*


Clearly Lemos understood this relationship of deep affection and complicity that Arpad Szenes and Vieira da Silva felt for each other, a relationship which the author highlights in this portrait through the ray of light which illuminates Arpad’s look on Vieira da Silva’s face.


The framing of the image also shows the profile of a canvas on the right side, thus representing the landscape on which both artists inscribed their labour.



* Interview with Arpad Szenes and Vieira da Silva, in Anne Philipe, O Fulgor da Luz, Lisboa: Ed. Rolim, 1995, p.70 e 82.





May 2010

TypeA definir
Fernando Lemos e o Surrealismo
Sintra, Sintra Museu de Arte Moderna, Colecção Berardo, 2005
Catálogo de exposição
Fernando Lemos - À Sombra da Luz
Lisboa, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Centro de Arte Moderna, 1994
Catálogo de exposição
Retratos de Quem? Fernando Lemos
São Paulo, Edição do Instituto Camões, 2000
Fernando Lemos
Toulouse, Galerie Municipale du Chateau d´Eau, 1998
Catálogo de exposição
Fernando Lemos - À Sombra da Luz
Curator: Jorge Molder (1947-)
1994-07-20 a 1994-10-09
Centro de Arte Moderna, Lisboa
Exposição programada por Jorge Molder e Fernando Lemos.
Fernando Lemos
Galerie Municipale du Chateau d´Eau
Curator: Jorge Molder
1998-02-18 a 1998-03-30
Galerie Municipale du Chateau d´Eau, Toulouse
Exposição comissariada por Jorge Molder.
Updated on 23 january 2015

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