Guided tour to the exhibition «Gris, Vide, Cris»

Rui Chafes and Helena de Freitas, curator of the exhibition «Rui Chafes e Alberto Giacometti. Gris, Vide, Cris», guide us through the art works of both sculptors.
28 Sep 2023 26 min

The exhibition Rui Chafes e Alberto Giacometti. Gris, Vide, Cris gathered works by both sculptors separated in space, in time and in the forms of their sculptures.

Without departing from the nature of his own investigation, Rui Chafes proposed a unique approach to the work of Giacometti, a sensory experience in which silence and solitude dominated. Nineteen works by Alberto Giacometti were exhibited alongside several new sculptures by Rui Chafes, specially made for this project.

For one of Giacometti’s sculptures (the first study in plaster for Le Nez, dated 1947-1950), the Fondation Giacometti in Paris invited Rui Chafes to devise a structure from which to suspend it, thus forming a sculptural work of dual authorship, also shown in Lisbon.

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