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'Tide Line' starts from the Revolution of 25 April 1974 to reach the present day, reflecting on the ongoing revolutions, most importantly those related to the state of the planet.  

Organised around large installations, the exhibition is defined by the rhythm they set and the connection found with other neighbouring artworks. This display corresponds, in a fluid way, to a group of ideas that framed the choice of works: transgression (of the Portuguese dictatorship), manifesto (the first Portuguese artistic ecological manifesto), interiority (of the experience drawn from the artwork), mutation (technological, post-human) and evocation (of a real connection with the living world).

The majority of the contemporary works are in dialogue with a selection of modernist works, illustrating the time range of CAM’s collection and to create lines of tension between the different periods it covers.   

The exhibition’s title is inspired by a work by Hamish Fulton, ‘Tide Line (1994-2005), which welcomes the visitor just before the gallery entrance, and evokes the line where two currents meet on the high seas. The idea of this organic confluence is felt across the titles, representations, concepts and emotions that the selected artists have worked on. This powerful idea can also be used to talk about nature, people’s inner lives, imposed borders, destruction and revolutions. 

The exhibition design, directed by Diogo Passarinho Studio, is based on a concept developed by CAM’s curatorial team, which aims to transform the conventional gallery space into an organic place where the relationship with the living world is encouraged and revived.

Of the 99 works on display, many are recent acquisitions never before shown at CAM, by artists such as Mónica de Miranda, Filipa César, Graça Pereira Coutinho, Kiluanji Kia Henda and Paulo Nozolino. The artist Gabriel Abrantes presents a new video work commissioned by CAM for this exhibition. ‘Tide Line’ includes a variety of paintings, drawings, video, photography and sculptures. 



Ana Vasconcelos
Helena de Freitas
Leonor Nazaré

Exhibition Design

Diogo Passarinho Studio

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Mónica de Miranda, still from 'Path to the stars', 2022. CAM – Centro de Arte Moderna Gulbenkian, inv. 22IM111. © Mónica de Miranda

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