CAM in Motion: Maria Lusitano

Morden Woman, 2005

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In the Garden of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, a cycle of videos from the CAM Collection will be presented in a shipping container.

This film-collage by Maria Lusitano was made from a selection of images from current affairs and fashion magazines (Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Life) from the 1950s and 1960s.

Maria Lusitano tells the story of a ‘modern’ Portuguese woman in the mid-20th century who seeks to escape the monotony of her everyday life by taking refuge in the images and stories published in these magazines, which feed her imagination and illustrate and influence her daily life. 

The film interweaves moments from the artist’s personal life with news from around the world such as the devastation of Europe after the Second World War, examining how the press drove the dissemination of the values of a modern society that led to the inception of feminism in Portugal.


11 jan – 03 feb 2022

Vasco Araújo, Mulheres d’Apolo, 2010

05 feb – 03 mar 2022

Ana Vidigal, Domingo à Tarde, 2000

05 mar – 03 apr 2022

Maria Lusitano, Modern Woman, 2015

05 apr 2021 – 03 may 2022

Gabriel Abrantes, A brief history of Princess X, 2016


This second cycle of videos in the CAM Collection deals with the female condition, feminism, anxiety and solitude, pleasure and even gender issues.

Curator: Patrícia Rosas


CAM in Motion is an ‘outdoor’ programme that brings together a series of site-specific interventions by artists and exhibitions with works from the Collection in different spaces in the city of Lisbon and its surroundings.

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