Upcoming Prospect webinar: ‘Nature v Business?’

Is it time that we adopted new frames for a changed world?

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There has been widespread talk of a Covid-19 ‘green recovery’ plan and calls to ‘build back better’. However, some governments are actually rolling back existing environmental protections and favouring economic growth.

Are old dichotomies like ‘nature v business’ or ‘environment v jobs’ a big part of the problem? Is it time that we adopted new frames for a changed world?

On 14 July, a webinar hosted by Prospect magazine, and supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK Branch), will be exploring the ‘nature v business’ framing.

Participants will hear from experts at the International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO) and the World Economic Forum about two new pieces of research. IPSO’s new report examines the importance of accurate language and narrative, and how it shapes our understanding of planetary health and its connection to human wellbeing. New research from the World Economic Forum identifies what system transitions are needed to move towards a nature-positive economy and how businesses can be part of the solution.

Speakers at the webinar include:

Tom Clark – Editor, Prospect
Alan Rusbridger – Principal of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford and Former Editor of the Guardian
Akanksha Khatri – Head of Nature Action Agenda, World Economic Forum and co-author of the report
Andrew Barnett – CEO, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK Branch)
Professor Dan Laffoley – Marine Scientist and IPSO report author
Natalie Nougayrede – Former Editor of Le Monde and Guardian columnist
Torsten Thiele – LSE and Potsdam Institute and Founder of the Global Ocean Trust
Adrian Monck – Head of Public Affairs, WEF
Duncan Weldon – Britain Economics correspondent, The Economist

At the Foundation, message framing has been a core focus of our marine conservation programme, Valuing the Ocean. We have been supporting organisations to test new ways of communicating why the ocean matters to help build communications capacity and create a new ‘sea story’ in the UK. We are currently exploring how we can boost public engagement on climate change and influence policymakers to take urgent action on environmental issues.

How to join

The ‘Nature v Business?’ webinar will take place via Zoom. To register and receive details of how to join the discussion on the day, please click here.


14 July 2020 09:30 – 10:30