8 June 2017

Scientists, artists, poets and historians celebrate the sea

An eclectic mix of people will explore our cultural, historical and scientific connection to the ocean at a symposium this week

Photographer: Thierry Meier

Authors China Miéville and Philip Hoare, poet John Wedgwood Clarke, artists Alec Finlay, Bik van der Pol and Mariele Neudecker, and marine biologist and oceans campaigner Professor Alex Rogers Oxford University will be just some of the presenters at symposium in Hull this week called Sounding the Sea.

This wide range of people will discuss a wide variety of topics. These range from deep sea marine life to plastic in the ocean to Hull’s maritime history to rising sea levels. 

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation is supporting this event as part of our Valuing the Ocean programme, which seeks to protect the ocean by connecting people to their values.