Teachers For The Inner City

John Raynor

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‘Since 1973, one college has set up, far from its main campus, an urban studies centre in the East End of London. Here some of its BEd and PGCE students spend 13 weeks and others up to five months. During this time they teach for three days a week in a local multi-racial school and for the other two they are engaged, wherever possible, in school-related social or community work. As an external examiner, I have seen some of these students in action and witnessed the resilience and the growth of awareness shown by virtually everyone. Many of the former students who stayed at the centre are now teaching in the area. This is perhaps the most thorough attempt to date to come to deeper terms with attitude formation in this field, among both staff and students.’ – Ken Millins, Times Educational Supplement

Teachers for the Inner City is the story of this experiment.

John Raynor was Dean and Director of Studies in the Faculty of Educational Studies at the Open University. He taught in schools, further education and in Colleges of Education, specialising in the fields of Curriculum Studies and Urban Multi-Ethnic Education.