Nobody Nicked ’em

How we started a toy library in the East End of London

Joanna Grana
£2.50 + p&p, 112 pp

ISBN 978 0 903319 34 8
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‘Burdett Toy Library was brought into being by a group of ordinary people. By describing our experiences I hope that other ordinary people can identify with us – and perhaps try something similar. When we began we had little in common other than the fact of our loneliness. Recognising that we wanted to meet other parents with young children made us aware of the same need in our neighbours. This primed our collective enthusiasm for making the Toy Library work. We had no money, no experience, just an empty front room in an old house and a feeling that if we tried hard enough we could change things.’ – Joanna Grana

This book provides a chronological account of the Burdett Toy Library project as it developed, ‘warts and all’, and details four major aspects of the practical business of launching and running the Library.