Transitions in Later Life Learning Community

The learning community aims to advance practice, change attitudes to ageing and develop awareness of the importance of supporting people manage transitions into later life. It brings together projects funded under the programme to work collectively on strategic issues facing the sector

The learning community models the participatory approach taken by the UK Branch to working with our partners. With this approach we aim to move beyond data collection to the generation of learning and develop strong networks to enhance the impact of our work. 

The TILL learning community  was established in 2016. It is made up of a core cohort of projects funded by the UK Branch which are testing and adapting new approaches to pre-retirement support, as well as wider projects supported under the programme. You can read a blog about this groupwork by one of our community members here. You can read a summary of learning that has emerged from running the learning community in 2016-17 here.

November 2018 was the last learning community meeting that was coordinated by the UK Branch and the Centre for Ageing Better (CfAB). However, the group expressed their desire to coordinate meet ups in 2019, to increase understanding about transitions and secure better support for people in mid to later life.

To find out more about the learning community, read summaries of our meetings here: