New report: evaluating new approaches to supporting people with transitions in later life

Today we launched an evaluation of seven pilot projects from our Transitions in Later Life Programme

The evaluation explores how psycho-social approaches can help support a more positive transition into retirement and identifies six key elements important for supporting major transitions in later life.

We’ve produced an insight report that summarises these findings. 

Alongside the executive summary and full evaluation report. 

Hear from Nora who participated in one of the workshops:


You can also here from other people that took and lead these projects on our stories page. 

The evaluation was conducted and authored by Brightpurpose. The evaluation was co-commissioned with the Centre for Ageing Better, as part of a partnership focused on using evidence and innovation to explores ways to help people better manage major life changes as they age.

Finally, click here for the press release which includes some statistics from a survey we commissioned from YouGov.