Acknowledgement and logos

Please acknowledge the Foundation’s support in all printed, electronic and other materials related to the work supported (reports, leaflets, brochures, posters, written or spoken presentations, websites, videos, CDs, programmes etc.).

Please use our full name: ‘Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (UK Branch)’ in written acknowledgements and include our logo wherever appropriate, with the credit line: ‘Supported by’ above the logo.

The logo is available in different formats here. It is supplied in black and white in one size only.

The logo is always black or white. NEVER directly apply colour effects to the logo. The brand palette is primarily black on a white background but this can also be reversed and the logo can be placed on a black or coloured background i.e. white out of background.

The logo should aesthetically be the same size as partner logos.

Please send Bridget Gourlay a proof or screenshot so that we can approve the use of our logo before you print or distribute or contact her for further advice/clarification on our requirements regarding acknowledgement.

Please read How We Work With Partners for a more detailed guide.