Our approach to funding is that we do not accept unsolicited applications. This is because we do not fund projects or organisations reactively. We think of our approach as being ‘interactive’ rather than ‘reactive’ or ‘proactive’.

* COVID-19: The UK Branch remains committed to supporting our partners – directly and indirectly- during this challenging period. Read our full statement here.

What we do

The UK Branch works programmatically, selecting a limited number of specific causes where we believe we can make a demonstrable difference.

Our approach is firstly to:

  • Undertake desk research and consult with relevant actors in civil society and beyond
  • Seek proposals on an open or restricted basis.

We use this work to identify potential partners. This then informs the organisations we work with to develop proposals which invariably involve working in coalition with othersThis then becomes the work we fund.

You can read about our current grants on 360 Giving.

Our parent body in Portugal gives grants in a number of different fields. You can read all about them here.

Alternative ideas: 

The Directory of Social Change produces a number of guides and directories for those seeking funding.

National Lottery’s funding finder will help you search for compatible programmes.