22 May 2020

How to talk about the ocean so that people will listen

A new guide from the FrameWorks Institute explains how to frame like an expert

What’s in a frame…?

Advocates and campaigners talk about the importance of framing for effective communications about social and environmental issues. Framing is about what we choose to say (or not say) and how we say it.

Effective framing choices can help increase public understanding of important issues and boost support for action. That’s why message framing has been a core focus of our marine conservation programme, Valuing the Ocean.  

But how do you choose the right frame? And how can you be sure it’s successful with your target audience?

We teamed up with the FrameWorks Institute to find out the answers. The result is a fantastic easy-to-use resource that sets out straightforward strategies for talking about the ocean, enabling you to frame like an expert.

The recommendations are based on mixed-method research with over 8,000 members of the UK public. Explore the research findings in depth with the Turning the Tide report.

Download the guide



If you’re using the frames or exploring how to, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch: [email protected]