Agents of Change: ocean literacy video for 8-14 year olds

Agents of Change is encouraging new advocates for marine conservation beyond the ‘usual suspects’

If people understand why a healthy ocean matters, we believe they will act to protect it. That’s why it’s so important to improve ‘ocean literacy’ – so people have a clear understanding of our impact on the ocean and the ocean’s impact on us.

Recently, the Marine Conservation Society‘s Alice Tebb recorded a video for the ‘Eco, Young & Engaged Project‘ (E.Y.E)’s digital conference to improve ocean literacy in 8-14 year olds. In the video, Alice explains why a healthy ocean is so important and discusses the exciting Agents of Change project that is underway in Sussex…

What is Agents of Change?

Developed by the Marine CoLABoration group, Agents of Change is encouraging new advocates for marine conservation beyond the ‘usual suspects’. It aims to improve the image of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)and highlight their value to local people.

MPAs can be an important tool for marine recovery, but many people have either never heard of them or fear MPAs will impose restrictions without providing any benefits. Research from around the world suggests that MPAs are more likely to be effective when local people support them.

Working with active and informed individuals at selected MPA sites, Agents of Change hopes to grow community understanding and increase stewardship of protected areas. Agents of Change experiments with a values based approach to connect people to the beauty and benefits of their local MPA.

Led by the Marine Conservation Society in partnership with the New Economics Foundation (NEF) and Flora and Fauna International (FFI), it builds on the success of Community Voice, the Blue New Deal approach, and Fauna & Flora International’s work with coastal communities in Scotland.

The project is piloting in Sussex and North Norfolk, exciting people of all ages and walks of life with the treasure they have offshore and inspiring them to get involved in its promotion and protection.

Want to learn more about ocean literacy? Find out about World Ocean Day for Schools, another ocean literacy initiative that we have supported as part of Valuing the Ocean.

Updated on 04 january 2022