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  • Orchestral, Chamber and Lied
  • Temporada 2018/2019, Residência Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester


Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester


Wed, 6 March 2019


Edifício Sede – Grande Auditório
Av. de Berna, 45A , Lisboa
217 823 700
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  • Zone 1: €50,00
  • Zone 2: €40,00
  • Zone 3: €25,00
  • Balcony: €35,00
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In one of his most luminous song cycles, Gustav Mahler drew inspiration from the poetry of Friedrich Rückert, a writer whose work embraced a style characteristic of Eastern poetry, which he often translated. Mahler found himself entranced by Rückert’s verses and followed their lyricism and elegance in his composition. One of the stars of the night, the Russian mezzo-soprano Elena Zhidkova, a regular on the stage of the Bayreuth Festival, was one of the singers invited by Claudio Abbado for the three nights of his farewell to the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester
Jonathan Nott Maestro
Elena Zhidkova Meio-Soprano

Alban Berg
Três Peças para Orquestra, op. 6

Gustav Mahler

Dmitri Chostakovitch
Sinfonia n.º 15, em Lá maior, op. 141

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