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Carlo Gesualdo


Sat, 24 March 2018


Igreja de S. Roque
Largo Trindade Coelho , Lisbon
(+351) 213 235 444
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  • Stalls: 20,00 €

A figure who intrigued and fascinated writer Aldous Huxley, filmmaker Werner Herzog and musician Igor Stravinsky, Carlo Gesualdo composed six volumes of madrigals and three volumes of sacred music. “In the decades after his death [in 1613],” wrote Alex Ross in The New Yorker, “he became a semi-mythical, even vampiric figure, about whom ever more lurid tales were told.” Stravinsky argued that the genius of Gesualdo had greatly anticipated the evolutions that music underwent in the following centuries, and he dedicated to him his Monumentum pro Gesualdo in recognition of the unique, revolutionary nature of his style of composition.


Björn Schmelzer Conductor

Carlo Gesualdo
Sacred Music for the Holy Week


This concert will have an estimated duration of 3h 30 min.

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