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Printed in Antwerp


Sat, 8 April 2017


Igreja de S. Roque
Largo Trindade Coelho , Lisbon
(+351) 213 235 444
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  • Stalls: €25,00

The city of Antwerp was an important centre for printing polyphonic music in the 16th and 17th centuries. The programme by Graindelavoix focuses on this Flanders city and on music printed in the Plantin typography, about 1600, including sacred music by Duarte Lobo. Two requiems by the Portuguese composer are combined with a similar composition by Orazio Vecchi and a previously unheard Mass by Georges de la Hèle, also printed in Antwerp in the same period. Here, Graindelavoix continues to reveal polyphonic treasures that have been absent from the public domain, from a perspective that Björn Schmelzer describes as “an ethnomusicological approach to early music”.


Björn Schmelzer

Georges de la Hèle
Missa Praeter Rerum Seriem

Duarte Lobo
Missa pro defunctis a 8

Orazio Vecchi
Missa pro defunctis a 8

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