Gurdjieff Ensemble & Hewar

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Created by Levon Eskenian in 2008, after discovering the music of George I. Gurdjieff, the Gurdjieff Ensemble undertook as artistic purpose the reconstruction of ethnographic music of the Armenian oral tradition which disappeared with the 1915 genocide. In this project, they join the Syrian quartet Hewar to pay tribute to the Syrian people in a concert based on cultural harmony and integrated into the 150-year celebrations of the birth of Calouste Sarkis Gulbenkian. They perform pieces by the greatest composers of both countries and two pieces commissioned to Armenian Tigran Mansurian and Syrian Issam Rafea.


Gurdjieff Ensemble & Hewar

Armenian and Syrian music

George Gurdjieff
No. 40 from Asian songs and rhythms *

Karno Shoror *
Msho Shoror *

Tigran Mansurian
Tun Ari

Kinan Azmeh
Fantasy In Three Characters

Issam Rafea
Kharej al-Sirb

Dima Orsho
Ishtar – the Transcendent

Gorani –Tamzara *
(Armenian Folk)

* Arranjos de Levon Eskenian