• 2010
  • Mini DV video
  • A definir
  • Inv. IM37
  • Video
  • Portuguese Art

Cristina Mateus

À espera (versões 2, 3, 4)

In the three versions that compose the video, we always see the outside of a building, a door knocking, a studio with an empty stretcher, a car in a roundabout, in several sequences, with repetitions in different timings, that confuse us and make it difficult to differentiate between them. The changes take place in little details – all of a sudden, the building changes, or the house interior, or the car…


Subjected to a kind of “metamorphosis”, as Maria Mire said («Resistência à espera», text for the exhibition Téléthèque, 2010 – http://teletheque.blogspot.com), the space-time identification within it is left intentionally undefined.


We do not see people, only the traces of their existence – the house, the studio objects, the streets and roundabouts – the urban arrangement established by Man. Therefore, the human presence is affirmed through its absence… And also by movement: the knocking of the door with which we are confronted in all versions of the film; a movement of the curtain behind the window, when we look at the outside of the building for the first time; etc.


Concealment is also a theme of these images. Waiting for what? For whom? For the protagonist of the video, who never shows up (in a possible evocation of Beckett), or for the inspiration that takes time?



November 2011