Upcoming exhibitions

Infinite Sculpture. From the Antique Cast to the 3D Scan

This exhibition brings together sculptures by contemporary artists and casts from the collection of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, analysing the relevance of the casting technique in current artistic practices and exploring its infinite possibilities.

Zineb Sedira. Standing Here Wondering Which Way to Go

In her new project, artist Zineb Sedira presents in the Project Space 'Standing Here Wondering Which Way to Go', an installation that results from a reflection on the utopias of the 1960s in the context of the newly-independent African states, focusing on the role that the Algerian government played in liberation movements from 1962, the year of that country's independence.

René Lalique and the Age of Glass. Art and Industry

The first exhibition that the Foundation dedicates to René Lalique since 1989 revolves around the artist’s relationship with glass, one of the most used materials in his artistic practice. The selection of 100 objects, from the Founder’s Collection and from other museums and private collections, brings together jewellery, glass objects and design pieces.

Superstar Pharaohs

'Superstar Pharaohs' is conceived around the figure of the Pharaoh and the place occupied in our imaginations by Ancient Egypt, through 5,000 years of history, from antiquity to the present day. It aims to reflect on the popularity of the historical and sometimes mythical figures of the Pharaohs.