18 June 2018

Paula Rego: Folktales and fairy tales

Works from the Modern Collection on exhibition at Casa das Histórias

The exhibition Paula Rego: Folktales and fairy tales is on display at the Casa das Histórias – Paula Rego in Cascais until 30 September, with a loan of various works belonging to the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum’s Modern Collection.

In 1974, Paula Rego began to research the literary world of popular Portuguese tales, and in 1975, which marked a turning point in her career, she produced a series of gouaches entitled Portuguese Folk Tales which was purchased the following year by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. At the same time, she obtained a research grant to further examine the world of illustration of fairy tales and traditional stories in libraries in London and Paris. This world was, and continues to be, preserved in the artist’s work, combining real and imagined tales at all times.

In 1977/78, she created fabric puppets which also belong to the Modern Collection: A Princesinha Grávida [The Little Pregnant Princess], a form of deconstruction of the almost perfect invention of the princess, and O Príncipe Perfeito [The Perfect Prince], which is highly visually expressive. Both are also exhibited in Cascais.