30 July 2018

Modernist illustrators

Currently on display in the Art Library Collection’s display case on floor -01 of the Modern Collection is a selection of books published in the first three decades of the 20th century and illustrated by female artists who, for one reason or another, stood in the shadow of their male contemporaries. These artists are Alice Rey Colaço (1890-1978), Mily Possoz (1888-1967), Mamia (Maria Emília) Roque Gameiro (1901-1996), Raquel Roque Gameiro (1889-1970), Sarah Affonso (1899-1983) and Ofelia Marques (1902-1952).

Some of the books include children’s stories written by women writers of the same period, such as Jane Bensaude (1862-1938), author of As Bonecas [The Dolls] (1923), illustrated by Mily Possoz, and Viagens aventurosas de Felicio e Felizarda ao Polo Norte [The Adventures of Felicio and Felizarda to the North Pole], written by Ana de Castro Osório (1872-1935), which was approved as a set text for National Primary Schools in 1920. Other works include the stories Mariazinha em África: romance para meninos [Mariazinha in Africa: a novel for children], by Fernanda de Castro (1900-1994), with two editions from 1925 and 1935 illustrated by the painter Sarah Affonso (1899-1983). This same artist also illustrated Tesouro da casa amarela [The Treasure of the Yellow House] (1932 ), a children’s play co-authored by Fernanda de Castro and Teresa Leitão de Barros and taken from the book Varinha de condão [Magic Wand] (1924), which features cover art by Mamia Roque Gameiro and is illustrated by the artist’s sister Raquel.