Ruy Jervis d’Athouguia

Macao, 1917

Took a degree in architecture at ESBAP, the Oporto School of Fine Arts, in 1948. He was one of the architects of his generation who remained aloof from the nationalistic or vernacular tendencies of the time, favouring the principles of modernity. Was one of the pioneers in the application of the spirit of the Athens Charter.


Major works School
Bairro de S.Miguel, Lisbon (1949-1953); “Bairro das Estacas”, Lisbon (1949-1955): Sande e Castro house, Cascais (1956); Padre António Vieira High School, Lisbon (1959); Teixeira Pascoaes School, Lisbon (1956-1960); Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Headquarters and Museum, Lisbon (1959-1969).