Film and Video in the CAM collection


7 de Maio a 11 de Julho 2010
CAM – 1.ª Sala
Coordenação: Leonor Nazaré

Film, as a medium for, or means of, artistic expression was initially, and experimentally, used in Portugal in the early 1970’s. It was not until the end of that decade that video became accessible in a consequential manner.

In 1981, José Manuel Vasconcelos organized a display of film-based Portuguese art at the School of Art and Art History’s Gallery of New Concepts (University of Iowa), under the name of Portuguese Video Art. The exhibition featured fourteen visual artists, including Helena Almeida and Julião Sarmento.

In spite of being technically incipient, these works were the first generational group of aesthetic essays in this area to be brought together and disseminated. Ângelo de Sousa, Fernando Calhau and Ana Hatherly were absent from that exhibition, though their experimental work with this medium followed an equally significant journey.

One decade later, during which painting and sculpture were particularly dominant, the 1990’s gave birth to a generation who works all media in a highly diversified manner, with a professional or technically consolidated command of video as medium. Thus, several works made after 2000 are displayed here, made by a generation of younger artists.


Artists on show: Helena Almeida, Julião Sarmento, Fernando Calhau, Ana Hatherly, Ângelo de Sousa, João Onofre, Rui Calçada Bastos, Noé Sendas, Bruno Pacheco, Filipa César, João Paulo Feliciano, Rui Valério.