11 September 2020

‘Posta’ [chop]

Rosa carvalho, 'Posta', 2013. Oil on canvas. Modern Collection

Although my career has been largely associated with the kitsch and the sublime, especially during the 1990s, at a certain point I began to take an interest in more ‘commonplace’ themes. This resulted in several series of works focusing on topics such as: pets, chairs, gadgets, cartoons, pornography, snapshots, portraits, food… and meat.

This painting was the last in a series that I began in 2002, looking at everyday themes (food/nutrition). That year, I held an exhibition of large oil paintings on canvas entitled Dia a dia [Day by Day]. Due to the composition and the magnification of the subjects, the foodstuffs in the paintings took on a landscape-like dimension.

Following that series, I produced other works (small paintings on paper) over the years in which the theme of food was narrowed down to the depiction of ‘meat’ in its rawest state (entrails, steaks and bones). In these works, the subjects were no longer reminiscent of a landscape but were instead isolated against a neutral background.

The painting Posta [Chop] represents a return to the experiments in size and scale of my earlier works, representing ‘meat’ as a brutal, excessive element.


Text by Rosa Carvalho