Current exhibitions

The Golden Age of French Furniture. From the Workshop to the Palace (closed)

In the 18th century, French furniture attained an unprecedented degree of excellency. This exhibition highlights some emblematic items of furniture and aims to show what lies behind the execution of these fantastic pieces.

Artistic Journeys in the Modern Collection (closed)

The new exhibition itinerary of the Modern Collection includes 31 artists and 69 pieces, from the early 20th century to the present day, including pieces by Portuguese artists incorporated in 2019, important donations by Jorge Pinheiro, Maria Gabriel and David de Almeida, and newly acquired works by Rosa Carvalho, Ana Léon, Ana Jotta, and new acquisitions of pieces by Mónica de Miranda and Eugénia Mussa.

Manon de Boer. Downtime / Tempo de Respiração (closed)

This project by artist Manon de Boer offers a look at experimentation and the creative process. The four films presented focus on informal learning during infancy and childhood and the breathing space required for creativity and imagination.