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Olho Zoomórfico/Camera Trap

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Numerous representations of animal species have been constructed through computer simulation of the complex movements by which they organise themselves, mapping the characteristics of each species as a population and seeking parallels between their group behaviour and some of the behaviours which structure human communities. Along the large printed curtain, we see close-up digital images of birds and insects.

In Camera Trap, the images of books and of the interior of a Library favour references to the first American explorers and pioneers, leading us to question the nostalgic and frequently ill-informed gaze through which the true situation of the decimated populations of these lands is perceived. At this moment, in which awareness of species extinction is emerging, it is ironic that the image capture is based on the adaptation of techniques used in hunting snares.

While cameras were important in establishing the idea of nature conservation from the end of the 19th century until very recently, it is important to question the extent to which the system of perspective associated with these devices is adequate in capturing the true interactions of species in real ecosystems, and the various dimensions on which climate change is having an impact.

In the film Zoomorphic Eye, the characters discuss these issues, asking questions without necessarily finding answers.

Curator: Leonor Nazaré


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