Da Ideia ao Filme / From Scratch to Film

Artist Manon de Boer, curator Rita Fabiana and programmer Nuno Lisboa (Doc’s Kingdom) were invited by the Gulbenkian Museum and On & For to participate in the case study ‘Da Ideia ao filme / From scratch to film’.

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This seminar will look at the exhibition Downtime / Breathing Space, the trilogy From Nothing to Something to Something Else and Manon de Boer’s artistic practice in the context of the creative processes behind making a film — from an idea scrawled in a notebook to its final projection on the screen. The conversational model will be participative — with an introduction by Rebecca Jane Arthur (On & For) — in the hope that the audience will pose and share questions and experiences related to the topic.

The debate will be preceded by a programme of films by Manon de Boer: Presto, Perfect Sound (2006, 6’), Two Times 4’3’’ (2008, 12’30’’), Dissonant (2010, 11’), An Experiment in Leisure (2016-19, 32’).