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Toscano – Pinheiro – Mira – Ferrandini

Sun, 4 August 2019 / 18:30

Main Building – Auditorium 2

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  • Auditorium 2 Pass: 20,00€
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One of the most stimulating assemblages in Portuguese jazz of recent years. Ricardo Toscano, a prodigious saxophonist and profound connoisseur of the history of jazz who came to the forefront with his masterful interpretation of hard-bop, joins three of the most outstanding and inventive performers of improvised music in the country (from Red Trio and Motion Trio): Rodrigo Pinheiro, Miguel Mira and Gabriel Ferrandini. An evening that promises to be unpredictable.



Ricardo Toscano Alto saxophone 
Rodrigo Pinheiro Piano 
Miguel Mira Cello 
Gabriel Ferrandini Drums