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Théo Ceccaldi


Thu, 8 August 2019 / 21:30


  • Ticket: 15,00€
  • Amphitheatre and Grand Auditorium Pass: 90,00€
  • Pass Weekend XL 2: 45,00€
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Described as “psychedelic, radioactive and mixed punk jazz”, as close to a dream as it is of a nightmare, the new group formed by the fiery French violinist Théo Ceccaldi baptised Freaks is a whole melting pot of influences from a wide variety of sources. From Frank Zappa and John Zorn they take the search for the implosion of genres and the disregard for structures. From animated film they inherit the pleasure for the playful exploration of music, while taking their intensity, as they say, from the imaginary point of intersection between Stravinsky and trash metal. A musical festivity of songs that are chaotic in appearance but rigorous in their enthralling delirium.



Théo Ceccaldi Violin / Keyboards / Voice 
Mathieu Metzger Alto and baritone saxophones
Quentin Biardeau Tenor saxophone / Keyboards / Voice
Giani Caserotto Eletric guitar / Keyboards 
Valentin Ceccaldi Cello
Etienne Ziemniak Drums