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Heroes Are Gang Leaders

The Amiri Baraka Sessions

Fri, 2 August 2019 / 21:30


  • Ticket: 15,00€
  • Amphitheatre and Grand Auditorium Pass: 90,00€
  • Pass Weekend XL 1: 50,00€
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Created out of the encounter between the saxophonist James Brandon Lewis and the poet and photographer Thomas Sayers Ellis, Heroes Are Gang Leaders was formed following the death of the poet and activist Amiri Baraka (who performed at Jazz em Agosto 2000 and 2001). Lewis and Ellis take their rebelliousness from Baraka, a firm believer in the power of words and art to produce real change in the world, to create music in which jazz, hip-hop and the spoken word are the weapons used to operate change. Fronting a collective of 10 musicians and singers, they direct true celebrations of black culture and permanently question the social imbalances of our societies on stage.



Thomas Sayers Ellis Spoken word
James Brandon Lewis Tenor saxophone 
Melanie Dyer Viola
Luke Stewart Electric bass
Jenna Camille Piano / Vocals 
Randall Horton Spoken word
Nettie Chickering Vocals
Bonita Penn Spoken word
Heru Shabaka-Ra Trumpet
Devin Brahja Waldman Alto saxophone / Keyboards 
Warren Trae Crudup III Drums
Brandon Moses Electric guitar