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Thu, 8 August 2019 / 18:30

Main Building – Auditorium 2

  • Ticket: 6,00€
  • Auditorium 2 Pass: 20,00€
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Two years since his last visit to Jazz em Agosto, the French guitarist Julien Desprez returns with the trio Abacaxi, based around a classical rock band structure completed by the drummer Max Andrzejewski and the bassist Jean François Riffaud. While the band may be classical in form, the music the three perform stems from Desprez’s unrestricted vision of the guitar, feeding as much on the primeval energy of rock as its untamed character, amidst noise and eruptions.



Julien Desprez Composition / Eletric guitar / Eletronics / Lights 
Jean François Riffaud Eletric bass / Lights 
Max Andrzejewski Drums / Synthesizer / Lights