The End (Cancelled)

Allt Är Intet

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The End, whose first album was released in 2018, is a quintet based around two incandescent Scandinavian saxophonists, Mats Gustafsson and Kjetil Møster, with a very strong rhythmic and textural component of drums and synths. These two forces combine with vocalist Sofia Jernberg and guitarist Anders Hana to create a music of jagged contrasts which seeks poetic beauty and the catharsis of a raw sonic brutality. The End, particularly on their recent release, Allt Är Intet (2020), can be heard as an implosion of musical genres, in which all resources are appropriate, with the aim of creating a contemporary experimental sound in which anything can happen


Sofia Jernberg Voice
Kjetil Møster Tenor saxophone, Electronics
Mats Gustafsson Baritone saxophone, Flute, Electronics
Anders Hana Baritone guitar, Langeleik
Børge Fiordheim Drums


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