Pedro Moreira Sax Ensemble

Two Maybe More

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Originally, Two Maybe More was a show created by the film and stage director Marco Martins in partnership with choreographers Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz, in which the stage was a place of cohabitation between the daily activities and collective movements of the Gulbenkian Choir. Pedro Moreira’s music, commissioned by the Gulbenkian Foundation, followed these passages of friction between the individual and the collective. Seven years later, Pedro Moreira is revisiting this composition with a Sax Ensemble in which he is accompanied by seven other exceptional saxophonists (Ricardo Toscano, Daniel Sousa, Tomás Marques, Bernardo Tinoco, Mateja Dolsak, Francisco Andrade and João Capinha), in a reworked version, enhanced and seductive, a balance between the minutiae of written music and the urgency of improvisation.


Pedro Moreira Tenor saxophone
Mateja Dolsak Tenor saxophone
Ricardo Toscano Alto saxophone
Daniel Sousa Alto saxophone
Tomás Marques Soprano saxophone
Bernardo Tinoco Soprano saxophone
Francisco Andrade Baritone saxophone
João Capinha Baritone saxophone
Mário Franco Double bass
Luis Candeias Drums


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