João Pedro Brandão

Trama no Navio

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At the invitation of the Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra, in September 2019 João Pedro Brandão joined a group of composers commissioned to produce original music for one of the great classics of cinema – Battleship Potemkin, by Sergei Eisenstein. Brandão was responsible for the second part of the film, Drama on the Deck, and the investment in this project was so intense that the saxophonist decided not to let the music die with the end of the screening. He therefore put together a quartet that now allows him to rekindle this creative input, maintaining the premises of density, intensity, drama, and poetry retrieved from the film, but taking them as a spark for the construction of new and absorbing music. The visual suggestion is explored here in a video by Alexandra Corte-Real.


João Pedro Brandão Alto saxophone, Flute, Composition
Ricardo Moreira Piano, Organ
Hugo Carvalhais Double bass
Marcos Cavaleiro Drums
Alexandra Corte-Real Video


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