João Lobo


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João Lobo’s drums and Norberto Lobo’s guitar (no relation) have long found repeated occasions to feed and continue a dialogue that never repeats the same conversations. More recurrently, this partnership has taken place in the Oba Loba collective or in formations shared with Giovanni Di Domenico, although they have also played in a duo and in the Norman trio. In Simorgh, a project led by João Lobo, they are joined by bassist Soet Kempeneer, and what happens as a trio more than confirms everything we know about them: the coexistence between a pure notion of beauty (based on blessed melodies) and a disarming fleeing towards abstraction Always with an inventiveness that takes the breath away.


Norberto Lobo Electric guitar
Soet Kempeneer Electric bass, Keyboards
João Lobo Drums, Voice


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