Ikizukuri + Susana Santos Silva

Suicide Underground Orchid

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Ikizukuri is a Japanese cooking technique for preparing sashimi using “ingredients” that are still alive. It is also the name of the trio that brings together German saxophonist Julius Gabriel, bassist Gonçalo Almeida and drummer Gustavo Costa, in a broth of elements combining the most open improvisation with deconstructed elements of free jazz, rock and metal. When they crossed paths with trumpeter Susana Santos Silva in Sonoscopia in 2020, they dug even deeper into the idea of always stretching to the limit and hovering over the abyss. They called the encounter Suicide Underground Orchid (album title) and, as with ikizukuri, they offer us musical genres in a place between rising and falling.


Julius Gabriel Soprano and tenor saxophones
Gonçalo Almeida Electric bass
Gustavo Costa Drums, Electronics
Susana Santos Silva Trumpet


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