Hedvig Mollestad (Cancelled)


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A project led by Norwegian guitarist Hedvig Mollestad, Ekhidna is nourished by sounds that are clearly identifiable with hard rock and progressive rock; it dispenses with the bass, in place of an armada of keyboards and percussion, over which Mollestad’s guitar and the trumpet of guest Susana Santos Silva mark out successive jagged peels. Bringing such unexpected references as Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Santana or Iron Maiden to a jazz milieu, Mollestad is not afraid to dive into the musical cartography of the 70s and 80s to present forms that update this past based on a shameless vision of what jazz can be today.


Torstein Lofthus Drums
Erlend Slettevoll Electric piano, synthesizers
Marte Eberson Electric piano, synthesizers
Hedvig Mollestad Electric guitar
Ole Mofjell Percussion
Susana Santos Silva Trumpet


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