Gabriel Ferrandini

Hair of The Dog

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Following a series of concerts that he thought about and prepared over the course of a year at Galeria Zé dos Bois, a cycle entitled Volúpia das Cinzas, drummer Gabriel Ferrandini made his first album as band leader and created the Volúpias project. Now comes Hair of the Dog, on the new Canto Discos label – this is Ferrandini’s first solo album, in which he spreads his untamed creativity through drums, percussion and electronics, stressing how much his prodigious technique never overwhelms an unfettered musicality. An album that incorporates both the tools of jazz and the qualities of contemporary music, with equal doses of real-time composition and refined studio work, which will now take the stage.


Gabriel Ferrandini Drums, Percussion, Amplifiers
Miguel Abras Eletronics
Vasco Futscher Sculpture
Helder Nelson Sound technician


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