18 July 2019 Science

Research Fellowships NOS Alive – IGC

Applications runs from 11 July 11 to 11 September 2019

Bolsas IGC Nos Alive

For the 13th edition, the partnership between the Instituto Gulbenkian Ciência (IGC) and Everything is New is renewed to award two NOS Alive – IGC Research Fellowships, an important milestone in the largest national music festival – NOS Alive. The Fellowships are intended for young Portuguese graduates who wish to start a scientific career.

In 2019 candidates can select one of the four research projects available in the areas of Genetics, Evolution and Immunology.

The selected candidates will develop one of the projects, during one year, integrated in one IGC Research Group and, over a period of time, will be able to develop part of the project in a partner laboratory abroad.

Eighteen Graduates students have already benefited from the NOS Alive – IGC Research Fellowships, result from a partnership between the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência  and Everything is New, promoter of NOS ALIVE, since the first edition of the event in 2007. The objective of the fellowship funding is to bring science closer to society, to motivate the pursuit of scientific research careers and involve companies in the financing of this type of projects.

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