Viriato Soromenho Marques

Viriato Soromenho-Marques (1957) teaches Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Nature, and European Ideas in the Departments of Philosophy and European Studies of the University of Lisbon, where he is Full Professor. Since 1978 he has been engaged in the civic environmental movement in Portugal and Europe. He is member of the National Council on Environment and Sustainable Development. He was Vice-Chair of the European Environmental and Sustainable Development Advisory Councils network (2001-2006). He was the scientific coordinator of the Gulbenkian Environment Program (2007-2011). He was one of the twelve members of the High Level Group on Energy and Climate Change by invitation of the President of the European Commission (2007-2010). He is correspondent member of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences, Class of Humanities (Letras), since 2008, and from the Marine Academy since 2012. He wrote over four hundred works on Philosophy, Environment and International Relations matters. He was speaker in numerous conferences held in Portugal and twenty three other countries. Some of his texts and books are translated to Spanish, French, English, German, Norwegian and Mandarin.