Miguel Vale de Almeida

Miguel Vale de Almeida (Lisbon, 1960) is Professor of Anthropology at ISCTE-Lisbon University Institute and Researcher at CRIA – Center for Research in Anthropology. With research in Portugal, Brazil, Spain, and Israel/Palestine, his work has focused on gender and sexuality, as well as on ‘race’ and ethnicity, and postcolonialism.

He published several books, two of which in English: ‘The Hegemonic Male’, on masculinity, and ‘An Earth-Colored Sea’, on Portuguese colonialism and postcolonialism in Portuguese-speaking countries. He has also published an edited volume on the body, “Corpo Presente”, co-edited one on colonialismo and post-colonialism, “Trânsitos Coloniais”, and published a collection of his essays on anthropology and citizenship, “Outros Destinos”, as well as a collection of newspaper op-eds, “Os Tempos que Correm”, a book of short stories, “Quebrar em Caso de Emergência”, and an award-wining science-fiction and dystopia novel, “Euronovela”. His latest book, in Portuguese, is ‘A Chave do Armário’, on issues of same-sex marriage and family.

As an LGBT rights’ activist, he was a member of Portuguese Parliament, instrumental in the passing of the same-sex marriage and gender identity laws.