Projects Grants 2020

Outline of the application process

Projects submitted should fall within the scope of our four priority areas:

  • Promote the preservation of the Armenian language and culture, and the development of the diaspora by linking its different parts and by investing in education;
  • Develop a viable Armenia through investing in its youth and their commitment to civil society;
  • Improve Armenian-Turkish relations by sponsoring projects that encourage a common understanding of their long shared history;
  • Preserve and make available the Armenian literary heritage.

First, we ask for a brief concept note. You can submit your project in English, Armenian, French or Portuguese. If you would like to submit your application in Armenian, we recommend that you keep a copy for your records in case of technical difficulties arising from font incompatibility.

If we need supplementary information on the initiative to decide, we will invite you to elaborate it further through a more extensive project form.

You can find more information on the concepts used throughout our forms on our Glossary of Terms, available on the right side of the page.

Please only submit your application form after you have read our Frequently Asked Questions, available on the right side of the page, and our Five-year plan.

Please note our Five Year Plan will change during the current year. We will inform candidates accordingly.