Creative Culture Program in Lebanon

The purpose of the Creative Culture Program in Lebanon is to foster the emergence of the practice of cultural creation in Western Armenian by giving opportunities and strengthening the means to create, produce, and distribute diverse cultural productions and achievements in Western Armenian.

In this context, the term culture is taken in its broad sense, mainly encompassing the arts, the humanities, and heritage, with a major emphasis on the creativity factor, namely on the establishment of a “culture” produced through new and innovative methods.


Who is eligible?

This call for proposals is open to creative individuals who are from 18 to 35 years old, who currently reside in Lebanon, and who are interested in creating innovative content in Western Armenian, within the framework of eligible activities that address the core components of this grant program. The grant program will accept individual as well as group submissions.

The projects could include the following and other multi/inter-disciplinary proposals, within the scope of projects:

  • Encompassing the arts, heritage (as a means of inspiration), and the humanities.
  • Encompassing creative expressions of ideas, experiences, and emotions in a range of media, including:
    Literature (books, audio books, journals, periodicals, websites, online presence);
    Theatre, performing arts;
    Visual arts; 
    The interdisciplinary and hybrid forms that have emerged thanks to new media;
    Videos, installations, animations, blogs, YouTube channels, podcasts, applications;
    Radio programs and creative broadcasting (on platforms such as: Mixcloud, SoundCloud, iTunes, etc.); 
    Creative and innovative workshop programs.


Please, carefully read the conditions document made available in English and Armenian before applying.

For further information, please contact the coordinator in Lebanon, Kayane Madzounian: [email protected]