Armenian School Grant Program for Lebanon

The Armenian School Grant Program intends to give schools the possibility to develop a comprehensive project that addresses any aspect of professional practice or pressing issue in education within a given school.

This new grant program will allow selected schools to implement innovative teaching practices and to pilot new approaches that reflect the latest educational thinking. Initiatives could include, among others, the development of new curricula, the use of information technologies (e.g. language apps), classroom libraries, the purchase and use of new pedagogic tools, after school or student-led activities, and, importantly, the development of new curricula based on methodologies, such as project-based learning and reader’s and writer’s workshops.


Who is Eligible?

All Armenian schools in Lebanon are eligible to participate in the Armenian School Grant Program. All relevant stakeholders of the schools should collaborate to identify the needs of their institution: principals, school trustees, teachers, parental councils, and students. The submitted projects ought to demonstrate how they are addressing the actual needs of the school and how they envision to bring about substantial reform.

Please, carefully read the conditions document made available in English and Armenian before applying.

For further information, please contact the coordinator in Lebanon, Kayane Madzounian: [email protected]