Mattutino de’ Morti

Gulbenkian Orchestra and Choir

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Leonardo García Alarcón returns to the works of David Perez, Neapolitan composer who settled in Portugal in the mid eighteenth century at the service of the royal court of D. José I. Perez became known mostly for religious music, with Mattutino de’ Morti as one of the most notable examples. The piece debuted in 1770 at the Nossa Senhora do Cabo Espichel sanctuary (or “Pedra Mua”) and earned the praise of novelist William Beckford who said he “had never heard, and probably would never hear again, such soulful music”.


Gulbenkian Choir
Gulbenkian Orchestra
Leonardo García Alarcón Conductor
Mariana Flores Soprano
Inês Lopes* Soprano
Cecília Rodrigues* Soprano
Christopher Lowrey Countertenor
Fabio Trümpy Tenor
Grigory Shkarupa Bass

Johann Sebastian Bach
Cantata BWV 198, Trauer-Ode

David Perez
Mattutino de’ Morti

*Due to health reasons, soprano Eduardo Melo is replaced by sopranos Inês Lopes (J. S. Bach) and Cecília Rodrigues (D. Perez).