Tackling false narratives in anti-corruption and the rule of law media reporting

Grantee: Transparency International Slovakia / Partner: Adapt Institute (Slovakia) / Grant: €79,999.40
  • Priority Area Boosting Fact-checking Activities in Europe
  • Funding Round / Action Types 2nd Funding Round – Scale-up Projects
  • Year 2022, 2023
  • Country Slovakia
  • Project Status Ongoing

The project titled “Tackling false narratives in anti-corruption and the rule of law media reporting” interconnects critical topics of the rule of law and disinformation in Slovakia. Transparency International Slovakia, as an anti-corruption organisation, and well-experienced fact-checkers from Infosecurity.sk join the forces in Consortium to tackle false narratives in anti-corruption and state capture media reporting.

The aim is to raise the general public’s awareness of information and cognitive security and at the same time increasing its resilience to disinformation which undermines the pillars of the democratic system and the foundations of the rule of law. Eight project activities were designed to develop the project boosting media literacy by presenting fact-checking disinformation narratives. The key is to offer a channel that, through a mixture of popularizing texts and expert information/factchecks, penetrates the general public in the online space with factual information and data clarifying the actions of the disinformation scene or its actors. Another aim is monitoring the information space, social networks and websites, with a focus on the topics of corruption scandals, and to offer the collected data in the form of a summary analysis to the public, stakeholders, experts and the academy for the need of further remedial activities.

During project Consortium 2 analyses publishes on how mainstream and fake news portals inform about corruption cases and the rule of law issues – including a visualisation of the analysed data using advanced tools. Consortium also focuses on the real-time fact-checks of content related to corruption cases on social networks and disinformation media. Events on media literacy and the disinformation fight for active citizens will be organised as well as a roundtable with crucial stakeholders. Via two public opinion polls data will be secured, analysed and published and 10 podcast episodes on the project-related topics created.

Updated on 14 october 2022

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