Funding principles

The key principles of EMIF’s funding mechanism are

attract and support proposals that are innovative and have a multiplier effect (e.g. scalable approaches to disinformation detection, analysis and exposure; networked knowledge exchanges; solid dissemination plans that foster information sharing and follow-on research).

– support activities in a manner that preserves the editorial and scientific independence of the beneficiaries. Projects should be focused on specific aims and expected outcomes.

tailor the size of fundable projects to the absorption capacity and operational abilities of eligible beneficiaries. EMIF’s funding operations will cater for small, medium and larger projects.

ensure a wide geographic coverage (minimum 12 Member States each year), while supporting projects that foster diversity and help building networks of specialists at national and EU levels. Given the diversity and specific vulnerabilities of national information environments, EMIF shall fund a wide and well-balanced portfolio of projects.

provide for agile and flexible funding mechanisms to enable operations that keep up the pace with fast-evolving disinformation narratives and manipulation tactics and allow monitoring of events as they unfold.

ensure wide visibility and public awareness of the funded activities, across all four priority areas.