• Dacosta becomes friendly with the circles of Almada Negreiros and António Ferro, bringing him closer to the exhibitions and publications organised by the SPN and SNI.
  • He wins the Prémio Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso at the “7.ª Exposição de Arte Moderna” held by the SPN in December, for his painting A Festa. He also goes on to exhibit Episódio com um Cão, also known as Um Cão e outras coisas. Almada Negreiros wins the Prémio Columbano and António Duarte wins the Prémio Manuel Pereira, for sculpture.
  • Accompanied by Almada Negreiros, he is thought to have visited an impromptu exhibition at the rented room in a house in Rua das Flores that served as a studio for some former students at the Escola de Artes Decorativas António Arroio, many aged only 16 or 17, and almost all of whom had recently enrolled at Lisbon’s Escola de Belas-Artes. This was the first exhibition to showcase the new generation who would usher in Neo-Realism and Surrealism in Portugal, and the group included names such as Fernando Azevedo, Júlio Pomar, Marcelino Vespeira, José Maria Gomes Pereira and Pedro Oom. [«Histórias portuguesas (anos 40…)»]
  • Dacosta produces three illustrations for a poetry book by Merícia de Lemos, Pássaro Preso – Poemas, sparking an involvement in the illustration of poetry books and portraits of poets that would last for the rest of the decade, within his circle of friends. Alongside Merícia de Lemos, these included Adolfo Casais Monteiro, Tomás de Figueiredo, Tomás Kim (the artist pseudonym of Joaquim Fernandes Tomaz Monteiro-Grillo) and the Brazilian Rui Ribeiro Couto:
    Adolfo Casais Monteiro, Noite Aberta aos Quatro Ventos e outros poemas. Lisbon: Edições Signo, 1943 [with five drawings by António Dacosta]
    Rui Ribeiro Couto, Dia Longo – Poesias Escolhidas. Lisbon: Portugália Editora, 1944 [portrait of Ribeiro Couto (drawing by António Dacosta); cover by Cícero Dias]
    Rui Ribeiro Couto, Uma Noite de Chuva e Outros Contos. Lisbon: Edições Inquérito, 1944 [with 12 illustrations by António Dacosta]
    Adolfo Casais Monteiro, Europa. Edições Confluência, 1946 [cover and one illustration by António Dacosta]
    Adolfo Casais Monteiro, Simples Canções da Terra, seguidas duma Ode a Gomes Leal. Under the Portucale imprint, Cadernos das Nove Musas, March 1949 [with a portrait of Adolfo Casais Monteiro by António Dacosta]

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