Career Guidance Programme

The IGC has a Career Guidance Programme for Postdocs (CGP) that aims to ensure that postdocs have the possibility to receive mentorship from independent academic and non-academic sources, in addition to the mentorship from their own PIs. It aims to provide mentorship/careers advice tailored to the specific career aspirations of postdocs. This includes advice on all scientific career paths, academic or not. The Programme also coordinates chalk talks and mock interviews, ad hoc, for postdoc candidates on the ‘job market’.

The Programme also recognises that scientists fulfil many important roles in society, and that science careers take diverse forms.


All IGC Postdocs.

Postdocs can sign up for the Programme by sending an e-mail to [email protected], and together with the scientific committee are able to choose an external advisor who can provide guidance to help plan a scientific career.


Postdoctoral Training Committee:
Karina Xavier
Colin Adrain


More information
[email protected]